dinsdag 28 oktober 2008


So, first things first...

I will introduce myself for a moment... almost forgot this part. Hate writing about myself...
I'm Matsu...Matsu Chita for strangers, that's not my real name of course. Let's say it's my double personality disorder comming on the surface. I'm living my whole 24 year old life in a small city called Antwerp, here in this petite country called Belgium...For the people who read this and have to take a map to locate this mysterious land, please stop reading and go to this link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuiynIn-g9s

So where was I, Oh Yes, so for the people who still follow. Antwerp is not really spectacular. But it is the home of maybe one of the most important fashionschools in the world, You have a lot of crazy parties, you can drink on the streets, you can still smoke in most of the bars and clubs, most of the time it's raining, and so on and so on...but it's my home and I love it.

This is me... I'm now living, with a slovenian girl who lived for 5 years in Sweden but now immigrated to Antwerp, in this nice quiet appartment in the middle of the centre. I'm gonna let the rest of my introduction over to the story's that are gonna be published.

I'm not the only one who is going to write, upload songs and so on...for this blog. No I want my close friends to participate. So after a while you can really form a story. It's not that my life is so intresting and I'm not a person who thinks that the world only turns around one point and that must be ME. No... I just want you (if you're intrested that is) to have a glimps true my eyes. With the right tone of sarcasme, humor but most of all MUSIC! Let's meet my friends shall we...

So this is Arnolt, He's probably going to kill me when he sees this picture... Sorry couldn't find a better one on this computer Arnolt!!! I met Arnolt in this weird way... I dated this guy for a while, if you call having steaming hot brainless sex dating, where Arnolt worked with. Little did I know that that would lead to a friendship that will probably face the end of humanity. In the beginning we wheren't really fond of each other. I don't know, maybe it was because Arnaldo was working in a place, I really didn't like, called "Hessenhuis" here in Antwerp (we call it "Slettenhuis" what letterly means "sluthouse" , do I have to explain more! ) Or maybe it was the fact that the brainless guy was telling him I was maddly in love with him...anyhow... The thing was that we found each other, and we needed only 5 minutes to talk and we knew we would be connected for life. He's my sister...My best friend... and also the person who is going to write the most on this ( probably a waste of time ) blog!

Arnolt just got back from LA where he interacted with the stars... I must sound freaky now, but I mean it... He worked on the PR of this huge movie festival. I was so proud, my little sis getting big in the world! But he will tell you more about this whole adventure and the fact that apparently LA can turn you straight again!!!

zondag 21 september 2008


First message...hmmm... Over the years I have collected quite a large amount of good sounds... Only the pure-est music is good enough. With a maximum of feeling!!! Together with my friends I'm gonna let you follow my diary, because in my life music is the most important key.
Give me your thoughts! I hope you will like it and follow my musical stories every month.